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Culture of Wynca


Corporate Culture

Wynca Culture gathers the excellence of ideological consensus and theoretical innovation of reform and opening up

Cultural achievements are the crystallization of Wynca people's wisdom for more than 50 years'development. Wynca

Cultural Outline is a systematic refinement of the essence of Wynca culture, but also a condensation and guidance.

The core value system and action program of Xin'an Xin'an in the future are the orientation group of all Wynca people.

Joint commitment of the organization and stakeholders.

Our Mission: Environmental friendly chemicals create a better life.
Our Vision:Committed to becoming a global leader in the fields of silicon-based new materials and crop protection.
Core Values: Customer prior, Contribution oriented, Hard struggle, Co-creating and sharing together.
Our Spirit: Stay exploring,Keep innovating.
Our Style:Strict, Meticulous, Solid, Efficient.
Our Atmosphere: Wynca is our family, our school, our stage and our base of well-progress.
Development Idea: Global vision, Professional focus.
Team Idea: Fully empowered,Efficiently collaborating.
Employment Idea: Morality first , Performance oriented.
Environmental Protection Idea:Cyclic economy, Green development.




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